Anne-Lise's Testimony




"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him who have been called according to His purposes" Rom 8;28

I have been blessed being born in a Christian family, where I learned about God's Saving Grace through Jesus, and became  a Born Again Christian. As a teenager, life appeared to be going well, being successful in whatever I put my hands to like studies, sport and relationships.

One summer I thought about having a little job, so was out working, when my mother suddenly got a phone call from the police saying that I had been involved in an accident, was in hospital and needed their assistance immediately. In that hospital I was dying with suspected brain damage but they were unable to do anything till I was transferred to a Neurological Hospital.In the right place I was still dying, tests revealing extensive brain damage with raised temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Surgery was needed to relieve the pressure on the brain. God was gracious, as He allowed me to be unconscious so I was totally unaware of what was happening.

At that time we were attending Grosvenor Baptist Church in Dublin, Ireland,and they called prayer meetings straight away, that lasted every night while I was in hospital, for which I'm very grateful for. God's promise of Luke 8;50 " Fear not, only believe and she will be made whole" became  personal  for my parents  to hold on to, especially as my condition did not change for 10 weeks while I remained unconscious,  blind, deaf, unable to speak and totally paralyzed. Why did God keep me unconscious for so long? I believe that He did not want me to suffer too much with the extent of brain damage I had, He was being gracious to me.

Due to the accident, I sustained a fractured skull on the right side of my head above the ear. So that was the approach of the surgery, my hair was shaved which had no lasting disfigurement. Praise God!

Then I slowly regained consciousness, opened my eyes and some movements returned to my limbs receiving physio therapy. When fully conscious I received speech therapy to help me talk normally and occupational therapy to help me with normal human functions.

Miraculously the doctors said that I was well enough to be allowed home after being fully conscious for one week, on condition my parents would not let me out of their sight.
At home, I started to learn how to live normally, which was a struggle in places and  I went on daily basis to a rehabilitation unit for physio, occupational and speech therapy for a few months. Then I was told to go back to school not to study,  just to attend the classes. The study came a few months later. I know the power of prayer has pulled me through, and personally holding on to Him has been the only way for inner strength to carry on. To Him all Thanks and Praise, because without Him I would not have managed to live a normal life.


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