Jim Hogge


Jim Hogge is passionate about the Bible. When he was looking for a church which would proclaim God's Word in Spirit and Truth the Lord led him and his wife, Jane to Goldings.

Jim is married to Jane and they have a daughter, Ruth and three step-children, Jamie, David and Marion. Jim works as a basketball coach and is particularly gifted with young people but as much as Jim loves sport his greatest love is Jesus Christ.



Jim preaches God's word with honesty, sincerity and openess and explains that when he first began preaching at Goldings he would always return to the theme of 'love' because he was so overwhelmed by the warm welcome and love that he found here among God's people.




Jim is an American, born in Indiana and raised in West Virginia. He is a co-leader of Goldings Men's Ministry (MAN2MAN) and has greatly blessed the work here. Jane runs the 'Firm Foundations' bible course for women - which gives a clear overview of the Bible and provides a solid grounding in biblical truths; she also teaches in the Sunday school. Together Jim and Jane run one of Goldings home groups. They are people of prayer - and are a huge encouragement to us all.

Listen to a sermon from Jim

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