Philip Roberts



Philip Roberts became an Elder in January 2010. He will always go that extra mile for someone and nothing is ever too much trouble for him to do. He frequently gives freely of his resources, home, car,  equipment etc to God’s people. Phil loves the Word of God and preaches with  clarity and authority. He has been a great support to our Pastor. Phil and his wife Esther, run a warm and welcoming home, which radiates the love of Christ.

Philip and Esther have three children, Joseph, Sophie and Stephanie. They first came to Goldings by attending the montly deaf outreach meetings so that their son Joseph, who is deaf, could meet with other deaf believers. After some time they believed God was calling them to settle at Goldings and we are delighted to have them as part of the fellowship and family of God's people here.

Esther is a loving mother who is devoted to her children. She has a caring heart and loves to minister to other women. She is able to sympathise with people of all ages and is particularly understanding regarding issues relating specifically to women. Esther is also a member of Heavenly Hands Choir.

Phil co-leads the men's ministry at Goldings, alongside Pastor and Jim. He and Esther also run a homegroup for new believers. Phil is part of the preaching team at Goldings and works full-time in sales.

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